Friday, September 17, 2010

Free Pattern Day!

OK, here we go!  Our first Free Pattern Friday!

In honor of my daughter, who is serving in the US Navy, I picked this project.

Star1 (2) 

This cute little star is quick, easy and versatile!  You can wear it as a pin, a hair clip,  purse clip, flip-flop decoration, or package trim.  Make it large or small, the choice is yours.


1.  Print out the pattern templates provided below.  There are 3 sizes given, so choose the #1 and #2 pieces that correspond to the size you wish to make.  You can shrink or enlarge any of them on a copy machine.  Trace the templates onto the right side of the red and blue fabrics with a wash-out marker.

2.  Sandwich a piece of blue (right side to the table), a piece of batting, and the blue piece that has the pattern traced on it (right side up).  Pin together, if you need to.

3.  Sew through all three layers on the traced line for each color.  You can do this by machine or by hand.

4.  Trim approximately 1/4 inch outside your sewing line.  I used pinking shears to trim mine.

5.  Place the small triangle on top of the “rocket” shape, matching the bottom triangle point to the “V” point, as shown in the picture.

6.  Place a button (or 2!) on top and sew through all layers.  I used several strands of embroidery floss and tied a bow.  Be sure to place a dab of Fray Check seam sealant on you knots to keep  your button secure!

They work up so quickly, you could make several on one piece of fabric and chain sew!

Attach a pin or other finding to the back and wear it proudly!

Star Pattern

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