Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Initiation of Gorski Men

There is something magical about the second Saturday in July when you’re in Sister’s Oregon.  The town is inviting, the flowers are blooming, the mountains are glorious and the quilts are spectacular!  oh, and one other thing…there are more people there than in the state of Rhode Island!


This is looking north on the main street in town, halfway through town.  There are 3 main streets and the whole south end of town, and they all look like this……I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!


It takes a huge team of people, including the local fire department, to put up and take down all these quilts for a one day show.  That’s right, one day!  Not to mention the planning, etc. that must be done all year long to make this the best quilt show in the country (in my humble opinion).  The craziness is part of the charm and you meet some of the nicest folks!


There were dogs everywhere and Tristan wanted to see them all.  This nice lady let him pet her puppies while Babcia ran around taking pictures of blankets and Dzia-Dziu relaxed in the shade.  We ate ice cream, shopped for a new cowboy hat, and learned something that all Gorski men must know:


Where to find the “man bench” outside the quilt shop door!  It is tradition for husbands (and grandsons) to sit on this bench outside The Stitchin’ Post, hold packages, give out money and reply, “yes, Dear” on cue.  Tristan has been initiated!  Steve is a pro at it!

As promised, we did not stay all day, and returned to Bend for some Pizza and swimming in the pool.  Tristan got better each day as he practiced his swimming.  He was such a quick learner and we had a great time together.


This photo shows one of my favorite views in the whole world:  The 3 Sister’s Mountains and, on the far left, Broken Top.  Further to the left you would see Mt. Bachelor, and to the right, Mt. Washington, Jefferson, and Black Butte.  The Deschutes river runs through the center of Bend and fish and birds abound.  Paradise!

By the way, if you’d like to see all of the quilt photos I took, here is a link to the album.  They are truly exquisite, but too many to post here!  Enjoy!

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