Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Project Runway

Taking a break from my travel log series….sort of…to show you some fun button fashion:


While on our trip to Atlanta for the American Sewing Guild Annual Conference, my daughter-in-law, Lisa, and I went shopping.  We combed through the Forever 21 store at an upscale mall in Atlanta and found the cutest button clothes!  This jacket had a double row of metal buttons, but closed with hooks and loops.


This jacket had a zipper, but was “embellished” with buttons.  I think I would have hidden the zipper and used prettier buttons, but I haven’t gotten any phone calls from Tim Gunn or Heidi Klum, so I guess that’s just my opinion!

IMG00020-20100801-1417 (2)

Finally, this dress was Sew-adorable!  I think it was a lightweight jersey; very soft and flowed nice.  It is, as you can see, strapless.  The skirt has box pleats with these sweet bows and button centers.  Now, I won’t be wearing this dress (or any other garments from this store!) anytime soon, but I sure can apply this technique to something else…say, a purse!

I recently was told that my Warman’s Buttons Field Guide is out of print, with no plans to reprint it.  I am very hopeful that we will be producing a second edition or newer version of this wonderful little book, but I have no news yet.  I have been told by many in “the industry” that buttons are HOT right now, but they feel it will cool off very soon.  I could not disagree more!  Not only have buttons been enjoying a popularity similar to when quilting was brought back into the forefront, but if we, the consumer, continue to buy, design with,  request, use and cherish our buttons we can send a strong message to the powers-that-be.  Button Up!

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