Friday, December 30, 2011

Life Happens

I love to write on my blog, so it's hard for me to understand just why it has been so long since I last wrote. All I can think of, is that I've been busy with Life.
There is one day left of the year 2011. This year has been challenging and I have learned many lessons. I am absolutely to start fresh with the year 2012!
To that end, I have a new schedule, a new plan and a new attitude.
The new schedule is on my web site and I'm adding new classes and programs frequently.
The new plan involves following through. Less talking about it all and more doing what needs to be done!
The new attitude comes from reminding myself that worrying (or complaining) doesn't change anything. Prayer. Trust. Accountability. These are things to dwell on.
So, here we go. Bring on 2012!

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