Saturday, December 15, 2012

Goldilocks and the Dresser Drawers

People have often commented on how clever I am.  I never really took it to heart....until yesterday!  This was such a light bulb moment that I just had to share it with you!

We purchased a dresser for our son quite some time ago. It's been a sturdy choice, except when it came to the handles. One by one the center pull would come out of its socket and end up in your hand. This, as you would guess, is not where it belonged and the drawer was certainly not opened!
I finally decided to replace the handles on the drawers.  Little did I know how challenging this would be!  First of all, the size is not the most popular and I looked for some time to find pulls that would fit!  Then, as I endeavored to put the new handles on, I discovered that the post you see above allowed the screws to be short (about 1").  The new hardware also came with 1" screws, but not with the post so the screws were too short.
 My husband, Steve, found some longer screws for me...Yea! there was a gap.  The new screws were too long.  How to make it "just right"?

OK, I needed a washer.  Did I have any washers?  Yes, in my sewing room.  I use them to balance shank buttons.  But wait!  I have these "buttons".  Well, they were buttons before the center piece with the shank was snapped out.  I wonder.....

Well, would you look at that!  They fit perfectly!  No jiggling and kinda cute to boot! 

 Buttons to the rescue....again!