Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reindeer and Llamas and Snow, Oh My!

We pick up our story as we wake up in Bend, Oregon on a gorgeous Friday morning.  As we eat breakfast, Steve and I can’t help but fondly reminisce about the trip we took with our own 3 kiddos.  We spent several glorious days in Bend one Easter when they were about Tristan’s age and it is still a favorite memory.  We are hoping to show Tristan some of those same magical places his daddy enjoyed.IMG_0406

First stop:  Operation Santa Claus Reindeer Farm.  The farm has dwindled alarmingly since we were here with the kids.  We talked to the owner who told us that government regulations and disease problems have caused him to keep the numbers low.  We drive down the road to where the reindeer are lying in the shade of a few trees.  There are a few little ones among the adults.  IMG_0404 IMG_0409







They are fun to look at but there are llamas down the road, so off we go.

Any time we visit Bend, we try to stop at the Hinterland Llama Ranch.  It is a stunningly beautiful place with hundreds of llamas, a barn full of swallows and a house and garden that are a showplace in their own right.  IMG_0430

As we come up to some of the enclosures, the llamas seem very curious about Tristan. In fact, when we walked up to one area, all 8 llamas actually ran to the fence to check us out.



I lifted Tristan and they took turns sniffing him. 








Finally one allowed him close enough to stroke his neck.  Tristan was delighted!


Tristan kept insisting that he wanted to talk to the farmer, and we did find one of the hands who talked to us for quite some time.  I was saddened to that after many years, the owner was retiring and the ranch was for sale.  Does anybody have $4, 500, 000 they can loan me?



On our way out, we stopped at the pen with several mamas and adorable babies.  This one wanted to go home with Tristan!  They were so sweet, running and frolicking together.  We hated to leave.


IMG_0468                                                                                                           We spent the rest of the day driving up to Mt. Bachelor and playing in the snow and lava beds.  We put our feet in the cold, cold water of the Deschutes River, “just like Daddy did”.

It was a memorable day.  Too tired even to go swimming (gasp!)  we slept soundly!


Tomorrow:  Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show and passing on manly traditions!

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