Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Lesson in Polish.


  I love being a Babcia!  That’s Polish for Gramma, by the way and pronounced “bobsha”.  Tristan is the son of our oldest son, Chad, and his wife, Anna.  He looks so much like Chad, but then, a cock of his head will transform him into his Mother’s son!  He is, without a doubt, the biggest blessing in our lives.

We recently took a vacation with Tristan.  Here we are, on day one, feet in the water at Mukilteo Beach in Washington.  We then proceeded to “jump” the ripples he called waves.  We laughed and screeched and nearly fell in !  What joy!


The next day we stopped to visit old friends and Tristan played with his new best friend, “Kat”, at this play place while we adults chattered away and watched them at play.  Mostly we asked each other where they got their energy form and “remember when?”.

IMG_0385 Tristan’s Dzia-Dziu (more Polish, sort of pronounced “Jaw-Jew”), insisted it was time to teach his grandson how to speak “cow”.  Not just any, cow…Tillamook Cow!  It’s a special dialect that only Steve can speak. (true story!)  Tristan was delighted to find he can now speak IMG_0380English, German and Tillamook!  Here we are enjoying real Tillamook ice cream!  Yummy!

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard those immortal words, “Are we there yet?”, but Tristan knows them very well!  We took the rest of the day to cross over the Cascades into the town of Bend, Oregon, or, as I like to call it, “Paradise”.

To be continued……

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