Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Birthday Bash

Here are photos of many of my friends and family who attended my Fabulous at Fifty Birthday Bash!  I’m a very lucky woman to have them all in my life!


The Cousins: Carole (cousin), Jo (my sister), Jeri (cousin and Carole’s sister), Me, and little brother Jay.


2 of my 3 children: Emily and Bryan.


Patti, Marti, Me & Karen; the Edgefield Street Girls.  We grew up together on the same street and we are still best friends!


Our neighbors, the Espinoza’s lived across the street from our forst home in Moreno Valley, CA.  Our kids and theirs played together.  They are still very dear friends.


My Godson, Alan, and his daughter, Reina.  His mom, Colleen, is my best friend.  Here she is:


Well, I have lots more photos from the party, but I’ll have to continue this another day.  I will post a few from our trip as well this week.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My first book signing!

Well, it’s official, I’m an author!  Yes, I know my book has been out a while now, but I finally had an official signing of my Buttons Field Guide on Saturday, June 27 at the Barnes & Noble store in Denver Colorado.  I didn’t have many sales (I get nothing from them anyway), but I talked to a lot of people who shared their button stories!  Here are some pictures, taken by my ever-loving’ Bear.

001 Sign in the store window.

004 A display in the store.

007 Some very nice ladies.  I had a table with my books and one with buttons for educational purposes (OK, just for fun, too).

009 The store asked me to autograph a few to keep on hand.  You can also see the American Quilter magazine with my article in it.  In addition I had an advance copy of my next book, Busy With Buttons, on display.  Everyone was very excited about it!

My next signing will be at the National Button Society Convention in August.  I can’t wait!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

50 and Fabulous!

I had the most amazing birthday party on June 13 at the home of my Dad and Step-Mom, in Cerritos, CA.  I had family (I have 4 siblings and 4 step-siblings, not to mention cousins), friends from my childhood, friends from my children’s childhood, and friends from high school come from near and far (hope I didn’t leave anyone out!)  Best of all, my son, Bryan, and his wife, Lisa, drove in from Nellis AFB in NV and my daughter, Emily, surprised me by flying in from Pensacola!  I just wish my oldest, Chad, and his family could have come.

Well, here are some pictures of the festivities.  Today’s post will be “the preparation”.


Jeannine made her famous Caramel Rolls for breakfast with Ryan’s help!


Grace helps Lisa with a flower arrangement.


Seth puts streamers on the chairs.

037 045 Steve and Bryan prepare the food…with attitude!

Everyone helped and these are just a few of the photos.  Just getting ready was fun!  Tomorrow:  the guests arrive!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Childhood Photos

We all have our family traditions.  Believe it or not, one of my most cherished memories is getting “firsties” when my Da (Grandpa) opened a beer.  When we got older we would take him a cold beer while he worked in the yard.  I promise you that it was only a sip, and a rare treat to share with our Da.

016J What can I say?  I do love to drink beer!

146J 145J

And here I am with my mass of golden curls and our family Impala.  I had very long hair until my son Chad was born and I just couldn’t deal with the upkeep anymore.

Well, onward and upward!  Here’s to the next 50!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Look out Christie Brinkley!


It’s long been understood that I am a sucker for fashion and you can see by this picture that it started at an early age!  This was taken at my Nanny and Da’s house in Bell, CA.  I’m wearing what we called “The Coolie Coat”.  My Nanny was convinced that it was always cool in the house so we would have to wear this gray sweater, usually with the sleeves all rolled up!  Ah the fond memories!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mrs. Barr

Shortly after I sent out my May newsletter I received word that Mrs. Barr had passed away.  I feel that I have lost a friend and mentor extraordinaire.  I wanted to share this with all of you:


Jean Howard Barr

Jean Howard Barr, 89, died peacefully in her home May 8, 2009. She had sincere and loving caregivers, flowers, candles and Nat King Cole helping her make a graceful transition.

A long-time resident of Denver, Jean had a wonderful life. She was the proud matriarch of the Barr family and founder/CEO of JHB International, a Denver-based wholesale button distributor incorporated in 1969. She will be fondly remembered as “Mimi” to her grandchildren, “Mrs. Barr” by her loyal JHB employees and “The Button Queen” to people associated with her industry around the world.

Born and raised in Walpole, MA she went on to receive a degree from Brown University. She worked for Macy’s in New York City during the depression years, dancing to Frank Sinatra live at “The Rainbow Room” on weekends.

Jean married Jim Barr in 1943, the love of her life. They immediately moved to Denver, where she resided while he trained with the 10th Mountain Division Ski Troops and during his service in WWII. Together they had two wonderful children, Jay and Sandi. The family spent summers together at their magical cottage on a now 100-year-old family compound near Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

After starting her successful button business, she quickly became an icon in the sewing and crafting industry. She was a bold businesswoman, often traveling alone throughout Asia and Europe. She was a prestigious “Million Miler” with United Airlines and traveled the world over many times creating lasting relationships on both a personal and business level.

She was a lovely lady with a lot of spirit and a smile that could light up a room. She will be missed by everyone and remembered as a remarkable person who left a lasting impression. The family would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers as we all say our goodbyes.

She is survived by her son, Jay, brother, John, grandchildren; Skip, Bill, Jordan, Krista and Andy, and great-grandchildren; Calli and Livie. She is preceded in death by her daughter, Sandi, husband, Jim and brother, Bob.

Services will be held at the Fairmount Mortuary Chapel on Saturday, May 16th at 10:00 a.m. In lieu of flowers we ask that those so inclined make a donation to a charity of choice.

Just Once!

I often find myself in a quandary: I get so excited about an upcoming event and I think it will never arrive soon enough, yet when it gets about a week away, I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day so that I could finish up with all I have to do before the event arrives!

This Friday Steve and I fly to California for a week long celebration / vacation to commemorate my 50th birthday.  I never thought I’d be excited about turning 50, but it turns out that I am!  This has been such a memorable year for me that I think it’s only fitting that it be my 50th year here on God’s beautiful Earth.  Many members of my family, as well as many of my childhood friends, will be at a party on Saturday, the eve of my birthday.  Then Steve and I will spend a week driving up the coast with my very dear friends, Don and Doris.  I’m very blessed as well as excited.

The problem is that I’m not ready!  Mind you, this is how it always happens, so I should know the drill, but once, just once, I’d like to have everything handled and be able to relax and enjoy the days leading up to an anticipated trip or event.  Just once.  Alas, this is not that time.

At 50, I find myself looking ahead.  How many more years will God allow me here?  I have so much left to accomplish, will I be ready when he calls me Home?  I pray I will be….just once.

210J (2)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marvelous Month of May!

What an incredible month May was for me!  First I was off to Quilt Market, a trade show for shop owners.  I brought home lots of ideas and new products to share with all of you in the days to come.  Next, Steve and I drove to Reno, NV for a fun show.  Not only did we have a good show and a great mini vacation, but I met Sue Hausmann form the TV show, “America Sews” and “America Quilts”.  She and her husband, Herb, were so great to talk with.

071 (2)

Now that I am home again I will do some catching up with the web site and this blog and try to post daily and bring you up to speed on what I’ve been up to.  I’m really excited about all the new stuff I have to share with you!

Button Up!