Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Times, Good Friends!

209 In the Redwoods.

Our trip up the California Coast was absolutely the best!  Even though I grew up here, I never get tired of the ocean and all the fun things to do here.  Beast of all was traveling with our very dear friends, Don and Doris Ford.  I went to high school with these two crazy kids and Don and I share a love of all things Scouting, Monty Python and Mel Brooks (especially Young Frankenstein).

212 Run, Doris, Run!

You know you’re really good friends if you can spend a week in a car together and still be friends after you get home!  We ate at a lot of little local cafes, saw lots of flowers, lighthouses and wildlife.

329 Riding the Skunk Train

I called this “The Crooked Road Trip” because we traveled on 4 of the curviest roads I’ve ever been on, and that includes Lombard Street in San Francisco and Bouquet Canyon Road to get us back to Don and Doris’ home in Lancaster.  Good thing I don’t get car sick! 

It was the best birthday present ever!  Thanks guys!

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