Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Steve and I are lighthouse buffs.  I even have a “passport” that is stamped when we visit new lights.  We saw or visited 8 on this trip!  I can’t post all of the pictures, but here are a few:

250 Crescent City Lighthouse

You can only get to this one when the tide is out.  After 3 trips here, we finally timed it right!

349 Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

What a gorgeous (original) lens!  The cliffs just beyond and around the light are amazing!  You could hear the sea lions barking and see them, as distant brown bodies, on the surrounding rocks.  Doris and I sampled wild blackberries off the vines that were growing everywhere!

356 Point Arena is a classic tower!  The lantern room stands empty with an automated light mounted on the outside.  The surrounding cliffs made you realize the power of Mother Nature.

Tomorrow: Lenses from these beauties!

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