Monday, June 8, 2009

Just Once!

I often find myself in a quandary: I get so excited about an upcoming event and I think it will never arrive soon enough, yet when it gets about a week away, I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day so that I could finish up with all I have to do before the event arrives!

This Friday Steve and I fly to California for a week long celebration / vacation to commemorate my 50th birthday.  I never thought I’d be excited about turning 50, but it turns out that I am!  This has been such a memorable year for me that I think it’s only fitting that it be my 50th year here on God’s beautiful Earth.  Many members of my family, as well as many of my childhood friends, will be at a party on Saturday, the eve of my birthday.  Then Steve and I will spend a week driving up the coast with my very dear friends, Don and Doris.  I’m very blessed as well as excited.

The problem is that I’m not ready!  Mind you, this is how it always happens, so I should know the drill, but once, just once, I’d like to have everything handled and be able to relax and enjoy the days leading up to an anticipated trip or event.  Just once.  Alas, this is not that time.

At 50, I find myself looking ahead.  How many more years will God allow me here?  I have so much left to accomplish, will I be ready when he calls me Home?  I pray I will be….just once.

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