Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Button Mayhem

I must organize my buttons today!!  I am trying to prepare several “trays” for our Colorado State Button Society Spring Show and competition that’s coming up in May. What is a “tray”, you ask?  I know it was a curiosity to me when I first heard the term.  Here is a picture of a tray I entered for an award written for green glass:


Note the numbers under each button; this refers to a section listed in the National Button Society classification book.  This book is the guide for all competition trays, from the number of buttons required, to the size of the board they are mounted on! This tray did not win a ribbon, but I was not disqualified either…a miracle for a newbie like me!!!  (One button is missing, I know.  It was sold to a friend of mine for her tray!).  I’d like to show you another tray tomorrow.  Today I need to get busy!!!  Enjoy!


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  1. Hi Jill just looking over your tray of green glass Narcie