Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Gorski Zoo

  Meet the rest of the Gorski family!  Many of you have talked to me on the phone have “met” my dog, Annie!  When the phone rings she goes crazy, grabs her ball and heads for the backyard so that I will throw the ball off the deck to her.  After all, I’m not busy…just talking on the phone!  This picture shows her on my “handwork” chair in my craft room.  Annie’s favorite trick is to take a single button from a box (tells you what my craft room looks like!) and brings it to me, hoping to swap the button for a treat.


This is Meow-Meow.  She adopted us shortly after we got Annie.  She is very vocal, as her name implies.  We were sure she had another family so her name was only temporary.  Guess what…it stuck.  She is a lover and prowls the neighborhood with her boyfriend next door whose name is Moose, a very large (neutered) tabby who terrorizes Annie from time to time.  Moose and Meow-Meow are so cute together!007

I tell you all this so that when you order from my web site, jillionsofbuttons.com you will know whose fur is all over your buttons when you receive them!  Kidding (sort of!)!!!   In addition I carry a great line of cat and dog buttons for your projects!                                     

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