Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For Love of a Button

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These are my favorite buttons in my entire collection!  They are plastic, a dull yellow color, about 2 inches across and have impressed lines.  They will never win an award or be included on a competition tray.  You would probably discard them in a heartbeat, even to craft with, yet I would not sell them to you for a million dollars!  Why do they mean so much to me?  They once were sewn to a quilted yellow robe that my Nanny wore until it was so threadbare it was cut up for dust rags.  She wore it when she bathed us on Saturday nights (when we slept over) before we went to church.  She wore it in the morning when she served us a breakfast of our favorite coffee cake.  She wore it while she rocked us in a red rocking chair and read us a bedtime story or sang us a song that we now sing to our own children!

My Da (grandpa) lived to the age of 99 and a half, passing away in January of 2007.  Nanny followed him in August.  After 70 years of marriage, we were not surprised. 

In case you were wondering, I also have a set of plain white buttons from Da’s pajamas!

Collect what you love!

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