Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yo-Yo-Yo for Ho-Ho-Ho

I know I talk a lot about the Clover Yo-Yo makers but I can’t help it.  A great tool is a a joy forever!  I have always wanted to make a garland from yo-yo’s and buttons and I can’t imagine making one without the makers to make quick work of it while I watch TV at night in my comfy chair.


This beautiful garland was made by Lisa Smith-Sittniewski at Alterity.  You can view her beautiful creations on Etsy.  Here is a link to her site:




Too cute!  Now if all of this is too much for you, you could certainly make this garland from felt circles glued to a pretty string (use 2 circles back to back with the string in between) and a button on top.  it’s all about the buttons, Santa!  Yo-Yo-Yo!

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