Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All Wrapped Up!

Buttons make a wonderful accent to a gift package!

Use a lovely wire-edge ribbon to tie a bow on top of a wrapped gift.  Then, using a wire or twist tie (for a temporary attachment), attach a beautiful button to the center of the bow.  Our new Christmas buttons or a twinkly Susan Clark button would be stunning!

You might consider inserting the button through the center of a silk Poinsettia flower.  Remove the plastic center that comes in the flower and run the button shank and/or wire through the resulting hole.  Now you can tie it anywhere!  Attach a pin back on the flower (if you don’t want to harm the button) or glue a tie tack style pin to a flat or damaged button shank and you have an instant wearable that can be removed and inserted in any flower that goes with your outfit!  A wonderful birthday wrapping idea, too!  Wrapping and gift all in one.  Here is a picture of a small pin I made inserted through a small pink silk flower:


Be sure to check my web site for a New and exciting jewelry finding  that will enable you to make jewelry of all kinds using your buttons without harming them or having to decide on just one button to use!


This twine was run through red buttons and felt circles and can be used to tie around a package.  This is a purchased product, but you could make it from ribbon or silky cording.  The felt is nice or all buttons (sew through type) would be festive.  After trying to tie it around a package, I found that I would prefer that the pieces were spaced closer together than shown here.  Wouldn’t this make a cute garland, as well?

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