Saturday, December 5, 2009

From “Tree” To You!

OK, that was bad, but you did chuckle, right?  This next idea was born when I found these painted jars (for holding candles) at a dollar-type store.


I simply covered a Styrofoam cone shape with felt, glued a tiny ornament type finding on top and covered it with buttons.  Here’s how:

1) Take a piece of felt that is at least as tall as your tree shape in height and at least twice as wide as the height of the tree.  Find the center of the longest side and mark with a pin.  I simply laid the cone on the felt along the top edge with the tip at the pin.  Roll the shape to the other side, keeping the tip in place and marking the bottom edge to achieve a half circle.  Cut out the shape about 1/2 inch outside the line you drew (to tuck under the tree bottom). 

2) With the center point at the tip of the tree shape, glue one straight edge of the felt to the Styrofoam, keeping the line as straight as possible vertically.  I found a glue specially formulated for Styrofoam works best.  Wrap the felt around the tree until the edges meet.  You may need to do some trimming to butt the pieces edge to edge, or you can overlap slightly, but you will have a ridge if you do.

3)  Allow the glue to dry thoroughly!  While you do this, you can attach a toothpick to the ornament you chose for the tree topper.  When this dries, insert the pick in the tip top of the tree.

4)  Attach buttons and beads (if you like) to the tree either by gluing them with E6000 adhesive or by pinning them with straight pins.  If you are industrious, you could even cut your own “U” shaped pins from a small gauge wire.  I found that even if you pin, a tiny dab of glue was helpful to keep the pin in place securely.  Use as few or as many decorations on your tree as you like!

5)  Glue the tree to the chosen base (clay pots, glass wear, candle holders, etc.) by tacking the edges neatly under the tree form (some trimming can be helpful to reduce bulk and achieve a clean finish).  Apply a bead of E6000 to the base and place the tree on top.  Allow to dry thoroughly.

Make several and give them as hostess gifts or door prizes at your next get together, to the gang at the office, or your best sewing buddies.

I hope you’ll share photos with me of your creations!  Enjoy!

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