Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Quilt Market (Yo-Yo Ideas)

Clover has come out with 2 new Yo-Yo shapes that you can create.


You can now create butterflies and clovers with these new tools.

Now, if you want my opinion, and I KNOW you do, the clover doesn’t look anything like a clover and the butterfly can be made using a regular round yo-yo maker of your choice.  I do not plan to carry them, but if you all want them, I may change my mind.  Any opinions?

In addition, Indygo Junction has unveiled a new pattern: Yo-Yo Monkey!  I have placed my order and hope to have this cute little guy added to our inventory of other yo-yo animals and pin cushions very soon!  Look for other new Indygo Junction additions to be unveiled in next month’s Jillions of Buttons Newsletter.



While at Market, I saw several designers use yo-yo’s in some really lovely ways.  I want to give credit to the designers, but my paperwork is being brought home by my friend, Sandy, and I do not have it yet.  Please realize that  these designs are the work of others and should be treated as such.  I am also planning to carry a few of her purse patterns, so you will know who she is very soon!

030 (2)

031 I loved the stacked look and the choice of fabrics.  I offered my opinion and told her the only thing I found lacking was, of course, a button (or two)!

091 (2) This bag was made using the extra-small Yo-Yo maker.  The colors were lovely!

Try using all kinds of fabrics for creating your yo-yo’s and don’t forget to check out Amy Barickman’s Yo-Yo Fashions book for lots of hints, tips and great ideas for using yo-yo’s!

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