Sunday, April 5, 2009

I’m Ready For Spring!

Even though we haven’t had much snow this season, I’m ready for it to stop snowing!  I’m ready to get into my garden and see some flowers!  Until then, here is an idea to cheer you up!


I bought a floral bouquet at the craft store and replaced the flower centers and stems with a shank button on a wire.  No cutting, no gluing, just bend the wire with a pair of pliers and plop them in a vase with the greenery!

Here’s a take along version:

055 With this one, you will need to remove the shank of the button to glue it to a tie tack finding (using E6000 of course!), so DO NOT USE ANTIQUE BUTTONS FOR THIS PROJECT!  You can change the flower any time, and pin it onto anything!  Makes a great little “thinking of you” gift.

Button Up!


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