Saturday, February 27, 2010

It’s My Job

I am glued to the television.  CNN is showing live pictures of Hawaii, where my daughter, Emily, is stationed.  I already knew this, but the feed line at the bottom states that 4 American warships have pulled out of port.  She is on one of them.

I went to my Navy For Mom’s web site where I am a member of a group of Moms with children on her specific ship.  They told me that all of the sailors were recalled to the ship for immediate departure, and not to worry.

So then I texted my daughter, in case she was already on ship, and she called me to say she was driving to the base and she would give me updates whenever possible and not to worry.

IMG_2455 (3)

As I sit here watching, I feel like I’m holding my breath…and I am worried.  I’m the Mama.  It’s my job.

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