Sunday, May 3, 2009

A New Legacy!

061At our April Colorado Quilting Council meeting, one of our members brought this fabulous old quilt to share.  It is made of Yo-Yos sewn to a solid background.  This alone would make this a very special quilt, but if it’s special to me, it must have…

063  Buttons!!!

Hundreds of buttons were added to the centers of the Yo-Yos!  Now that’s Buttoned Up!

The woman who made this quilt must have spent months, if not years, making all those Yo-Yos, but now you can make them quick, easy and uniformly with the Clover brand Yo-Yo makers.  Even small children can be taught to sew using these nifty tools! They come in several shapes and lots of sizes to fit any project.  Check them out on Jillions of Buttons under Patterns.  You won’t find a lower price than mine; I guarantee it!

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