Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Barbara’s Buttons

I recently spoke to a wonderful group of ladies at the League of Northern Colorado Quilters in Ft. Collins, CO.  A lovely lady, Barbara, brought a box with some carded buttons to show me.  I’m afraid I can’t recall exactly which family member they belonged to, but they were only a small portion of what was left to her.  Let me share these beauties with you!

011 (2)

This is a card of Black Glass buttons.  They are sewn to a piece of cardboard with a heavy thread in a lovely arrangement.  The center buttons are especially gorgeous.  Here is a close up of the very center button:

012 (2)

As I recall it was about one and a half inches across and very round on the back (like a half ball).  The outer design is incised while the center is deeply carved.  This picture does not do it justice!

Then there was a card of Goodyear Rubber buttons.  Isn’t this a clever way to mount them?

009 (2)


This card is completely covered with Whistle buttons, many of them made from Vegetable Ivory.  A Whistle is a construction method that has one hole on the top of the button and two holes on the underside.



There are several other cards to show you, so I’ll break it up into a couple of posts.  See you tomorrow!

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